Why You Should Purchase A Printer From An Authorized Dealer, Not A Discount Store

While it may seem to be a cost-effective approach to buy a color printer from a discount store, it may actually prove to be a costly affair in the long run given the fact that the cost of supplies will drive you crazy. Color prints normally cost .20 to .30 cents per page and when you print 500 pages a month, you will be charged $125 per month which translates into $1,500 annually just for the supplies. However, when you buy from a local authorized dealer, your yearly cost may be as low as $480 and this surely means a lot of savings. Secondly, your discount store will not provide you with repair services and it is your responsibility to carry your copier to the service facility to get it repaired. Sometimes, you may get an estimate that is higher than what you paid for the copier.

If you need to print 500 pages per month, there are chances that you may need to invest in at least three machines during a three-year period. This is mainly due to the fact that these machines have high breakdown and supply-consumption rates. So you start with $700 of investment for a single printer and then end up paying a total of $2,100 for three such printers over a period of 4 years. Notably, this does not include the cost of supplies. Manufacturers of inexpensive office copiers choose not to show you the bigger picture while quoting the cost of print per page. They only reveal the cost for the toner and the drum and do not normally disclose the expenses that you are most likely to incur for the other consumables.

Buying a product or a service from an authorized dealer instills a feel of assurance as you know that you are actually investing in quality customer service that is always at hand to assist you whenever you need any assistance. When you call the manufacturer, you expect your queries to be addressed accurately as well as in a timely manner. When you buy an office printer from a reputed dealer, you can expect to receive high level of customer service from your dealer’s customer service team and get your queries answered in time.

Color printers that you buy from a local authorized dealer may have a life of 5 years or even more compared to the discounted products that may break down after 18 months of use. Further, authorized dealers operate through a team of professionals who have years of experience and technical expertise and are always ready to provide support whenever you run into trouble.

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