Why You Should Protect Copier Hard Drive Data

If you are leasing a copier or MFP, or even making space to upgrade to a newer machine, make sure you erase the data stored on the hard drive when you are ready to return it. Before moving a machine from your office or business, you should take precautionary measures to prevent a breach of confidential company information.

Most copiers built since 2002 are equipped with one or two hard drives that help with data storage, which actually have turned into a security concern. For each document you scan and print, the image and data is stored onto your copier’s hard drive. While encrypted storage is available on most copiers, there is a chance that hackers will be able to crack the encryption code and get into your copier’s hard drive. Through the use of recovery software, hackers can get a hold of the hard drive’s data for sensitive information.

There are also other measures that you can take in your office to prevent any leaks of company data or sensitive material on your business’s copier. Place your copier in a high-traffic area. This is a way to ensure that the copier and users are visible at all times. People that may use the machine can include employees, customers, and service technicians, so it is crucial to make sure that the wrong type of personnel does not have access to highly sensitive data.

Make sure to set a password for the copier’s web interface. Most MFP’s have a web-based interface to gain access to the address book, but it is usually set on a default password that is easy for most people to figure out. So, ensure the copier’s security with a strong password that only authorized users know.

Consider how your data will be deleted from the hard drives when signing the end of lease agreement for the copier. Typically, you will have the option to have the technician destroy the hard drive, keep it on-site, or have the MFP distributor scrub the hard drive using an approved process.

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