Why Classrooms Should Have Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard

Over the last 20 years, classrooms have been evolving with the advent of new technologies. Green and black chalkboards transitioned into dry-erase boards, and then into interactive whiteboards. Students born into the digital age might not know the difference, but teachers understand how these interactive whiteboards have completely transformed the way teachers and students learn and engage in lessons.

Benefits of interactive whiteboards


Interactive whiteboards don’t need much maintenance, and data is easily marked using a stylus to highlight, draw and write. Teachers and students don’t need extra tools to use them, making them an easy-to-use option for classrooms.

Integrated lessons

With Interactive whiteboards, students are able to have a better connection to their learning by hearing, seeing, and interacting with the board. Because of this active experience, students can learn better and remember more of the lessons.


Interactive whiteboards are also a great way for students to come together and collaborate with one another, in-person or remotely. The boards offer immediate feedback too, allowing students and teachers to keep track of student progress easily.


The Sharp AQUOS BOARD® lets teachers show images, graphs, videos, and more. It also supports quick integration with cloud-based platforms like Google Classroom, which helps when presenting on large-format displays in class. Its multi-touch functionality also allows multiple people to work on the same board at the same time to facilitate effective learning.

While interactive whiteboards can be an expensive option, classrooms need to plan for a continued hybrid approach to learning. A classroom equipped with smart technology and an interactive whiteboard can be beneficial for students and educators alike. 

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