What to Know About Informed Delivery from USPS

Informed Delivery provides eligible residential consumers with a digital preview of their household’s incoming mail scheduled to arrive soon.* Users can view greyscale images of the exterior, address side of incoming letter-sized mailpieces (not the inside contents) via email or an online dashboard.

How do I sign up?

Your ability to sign up for Informed Delivery is dependent on living at an eligible residential address and the ability to verify your identity. You will also need to create a personal usps.com® account if you do not already have one. To sign up, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to informeddelivery.usps.com.
  2. Select “Sign Up For Free.”
  3. Enter your address to determine if it is eligible for Informed Delivery.
  4. If your address is not eligible, you may still create an account so you may use USPS Click-N-Ship® or Postal Store by following the prompts.
  5. If your address is eligible, login to your usps.com account and skip to step 5 below. If you do not have a usps.com account, create one and then follow steps 4a-4d.
  6. After you create your usps.com account, select “Informed Delivery” in the top right of your profile page.
  7. Select “Enroll” and scroll down to the Informed Delivery box under “Account Management”. Click the box to expand it.
  8. Select the appropriate boxes to agree to the terms and conditions and certify your address, then select “Enroll in Informed Delivery” to continue.
  9. Complete the identity verification questions
  10. Opt-in to Informed Delivery by selecting “Enroll” and fill out your username, password, security questions, and contact information to create your profile.
  11. Complete the identity verification process (if you have not already done so when setting up your usps.com account).
  12. You should begin receiving notifications within a week.

Informed Delivery is a consumer-facing feature offered by USPS® that provides users with digital previews of their household mail arriving soon. Mailers can integrate digital campaign elements to enhance and extend the mail moment.

What Value Do Campaigns Add?

  • Offers a high email open rate – more than twice that of industry average
  • Generates multiple impressions from a single mailpiece
  • Drives consumer response with interactive content related to mailpiece
  • Ability to reach consumers digitally by merely knowing their physical address
  • Potentially increases ROI on Direct Mail spend
  • Provides additional data insights to optimize marketing spend

To learn more about Informed Delivery, click here.

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