What is Copier Toner?

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Copiers are an office appliance that often gets taken for granted. So many things revolve around a company’s efficiency, including a functional copier machine that is easy to use for office staff. Working the copier can be easy, once you take the time to learn what about what goes on when you copy something. It also helps to know a little about toner, which is an essential component to your machine.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you push “start” on your office’s copy machine? It actually has a lot to do with static electricity. When you copy something, you are using toner. Contrary to popular belief, toner is not ink. While some people may refer to it as dry ink, it is actually a very fine powder that can be charged with static electricity.  Inside of every copier is a drum that allows the toner to gain charge and stick to the page. The drum selectively charges certain sections of itself to attract toner on the specific parts that have charge. Light is what gives toner the power to charge. When the paper finally comes through the drum, it is statically charged and the toner becomes attracted to the paper. Since toner particles are very sensitive to heat, the toner is then fused to the paper with a laser through the use of heat. In order to make sure the particles stay, the toner particles are made with plastic in them that become melted to the paper once the toner is heated.

Toner cartridges are commonly used in laser printers. Most businesses use laser printers because laser printers are more efficient and can print a larger volume of black and white pages much faster than most inkjet printers. Toner powder comes in the standard colors of black, white, clear, cyan, magenta and yellow.

To keep your printer running efficiently and increase its lifespan, it is essential to take care of your printer, do regular maintenance, and clean your toner cartridges.

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