Ways to Cut Costs for Your Business in 2017

Minimizing business expenses is always a smart idea. These include spending less money on supplies and better organization in the office. Here are the top ways to cut costs for your business for 2017.

Limit color printing

Printing in color ink may not be required for every office document. It is okay to reduce and limit color ink usage by having your employees select black and white for their documents. Additionally, you can set permissions and restrict color printing to specific documents, departments or employees.

Use less paper

Most copiers can perform double-sided printing projects. Simply posting a notice asking employees to use both sides of the paper when possible will help your business use less paper.

Save on office supplies

Don’t throw your money down the drain with extra office supplies. For some offices, buying supplies like printer paper, staples, staplers and paperclips in bulk can help your business get a discounted rate. You can avoid making duplicate orders by assigning a designated person who will keep track of and make new supplies orders. Many office supply stores have loyalty programs that offer lower prices and rewards to customers who join. Some machines can even automatically notify you via email when they are low in toner or ink.

Manage print workflows more efficiently

Some multifunction printers can save documents automatically to the right folders and locations, so your employees don’t have to do it manually. There are mobile apps that allow you to scan and print documents directly to and from cloud storage.

Negotiate with suppliers

If you have a good and longstanding relationship with a supplier, there is a chance that you can come up with an arrangement for receiving their products at a lower cost. Some companies offer incentives like setting up automatic payments, paying in cash or even purchasing in bulk. Depending on the product or company, negotiating with the supplier can be fairly easy.  

Review your credit card statements

If you have a company credit card, it is important to keep track of expenses. Have someone, like an office manager or finance manager, check if there are any unnoticed expenses or charges, such as memberships to old organizations or magazine subscriptions for publications that you no longer read. It might also be a good idea to look for a new credit card that offers lower interest rates or better rewards.

Sign up for manufacturers’ emails

Get email newsletters from the machine’s manufacturer. By doing this, you can get alerts about sales, promotions and the latest office equipment for your business.

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