Spring Cleaning: Office Edition

Spring Cleaning: Office Edition

Spring has sprung and it’s time to de-clutter your office. After a long winter, it’s crucial to assess where your business is, determine what needs to be cleaned up and then take proper action. Here are some tips for spring cleaning –office edition:

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT. Cluttered filing cabinets are a thing of the past. Eliminate this document graveyard and invest in a computer based document management software solution which provides everything necessary to capture, retrieve, and manage all your business information. This document management software provides you with the access from anywhere, speed and security that you need for any business. Not only does this solution streamline inter-departmental workflow, but also organizes all your documents and leads to much faster retrieval times. You’ll never lose materials or have to bury your head in drawers to search for client or business information. When you rid yourself of the massive paperwork cluttered on your desk, you’ll free up space to clean up and decorate your office for a new, fresh look.

PROGRESS EVALUATION.  Dust off your business plan and reacquaint yourself with the short-term and long-term goals you put in place. Evaluate what you accomplished and determine what plans of action you need to improve and re-focus on. Are all of the staffing roles in your company being filled? Are some positions able to be better executed? Do you need to shuffle your staff around?

CLEAN YOUR OFFICE. De-clutter the piles of paperwork on your desk that you haven’t looked at in forever. Organize your work space. Clorox and disinfect the entire office. Schedule maintenance services for any office equipment. Update any out-of-date office machinery if necessary.

UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA. Review your online presence. Is it representing your brand as effectively as possible? Is your website user-friendly? Does it speak to your target market? Are you being found for the right keywords? If not, it might be a great time to outsource your digital marketing efforts in order to increase brand awareness and lead generation!

CHECK INVENTORY AND FINANCES. Go through your finances and determine if anything needs to be changed or improved upon. Check your inventory to see if you need to re-order anything or if you need to have a special promotion on certain items in order to get them off your selves.

SPRING ON THE MOTIVATION. The start of a new season is the perfect time to catch up with and re-engage your team members. Schedule a meeting or a lunch and highlight key company accomplishments and go over initiatives for the coming months. Recognize your high performing members and provide some motivation for the rest of the team.


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