Prevent Environmental Effects on Printer Paper With These Helpful Tips

When finding paper for your office printer or copier, there are many factors that can impact the quality of your prints. Environmental factors like temperature and humidity can affect your printer paper and ruin the quality of your copies and prints. However, you can prevent these environmental effects from ruining your prints with these helpful tips. 

Why Does Temperature and Humidity Affect Your Printer Paper?

Temperature and humidity are two of the main reasons copies get ruined in the printing and copying process. This is because paper is porous and therefore absorbs moisture, becoming bloated and more likely to jam. Alternatively, when exposed to hot and dry conditions, paper will accumulate static and dry out leading to curling or wrinkling.

How to Keep Your Paper Optimal for Printing and Copying

There are a few easy things you can do to help resist the detrimental effects that temperature and moisture can have on your printer paper:

Don’t Overload Your Paper Tray

A lot of the time, the paper tray is generally where your printer paper absorbs a lot of its moisture. As the paper bloats, it expands and becomes more likely to jam. An easy way to fix this is by only loading your paper tray with the amount of paper you expect to use that day. It’s a surprise how a simple fix like this can help prevent expensive maintenance costs.

Store Your Paper in Controlled Temperatures

One of the best ways to prevent environmental factors from affecting the quality of your prints is by storing your paper in a controlled climate. Store your printer in spaces that are cool and dry, preferably in a room with good AC ventilation.

Invest in Better Printer Paper

If you’ve tried the above steps and are still experiencing printing and copying issues caused by temperature and moisture, then investing in better paper may be worth the investment. Higher-quality paper has tighter fibers, which retain its shape better than cheaper quality.

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