Premium Digital Reports Storing Data Digitally Increases Business Productivity

Pine Brook- New Jersey – August 13, 2015 – The days of typing a document and saving it to a flash drive or emailing it to yourself if you ever wanted to access it again are over. Today, writing a document and taking it with you is easier and more convenient than ever.  Premium Digital reports a trend when it comes to storing data. Cloud storage is quickly becoming the method of choice. More and more businesses are moving away from desktop PC folders and other complicated network directories for more streamlined document management systems. The basic purpose of a DMS (document management system) is to manage the creation, tracking, management, storage, and retrieval of documents. These management systems have proven to enhance productivity, functionality, and security of documentation for your office.

With the increase in mobile work styles, document management has never been more important. Multiple workstations can view the same document at once, whereby achieving higher information mobility. Increased document accessibility, whether on a mobile browser or your work computer, allows for a more seamless work flow. Document manipulation and sharing takes a fraction of the time with the help of digital storage, and ultimately increases efficiency between departments. Documents can be retrieved and shared within seconds.  This will enhance productivity and will help to streamline inter-departmental work flows.  Digitally storing and sharing documents is safer and keeps sensitive information protected from unauthorized users more effectively through multiple layers of security

Premium Digital Office Solutions knows that document management is paramount to the productivity of your business. Storing information digitally is more secure as data is encrypted both during transmission and while being stored to ensure there is no unauthorized access to files. Syncing of files ensures they are automatically updated across all your devices. In the event of a data loss, you will have backups of all your files so you can restore them with zero downtime.

Premium Digital Office Solutions has been serving the New Jersey and Metro New York area. Since 1999 they have helped businesses with new office machines, supplies, expert copier repair services, as well as internet based document management. They have been an industry leader in the business for nearly fifteen years. They have both equipment and software solutions to meet the needs of any business. Premium Digital is committed to helping their clients succeed through better document management.