New Year? New Printer!

It’s a new year! What are your business goals for 2016? Whether it’s improving efficiency, bolstering sustainability efforts, cutting operating costs, or tightening data security, a new printer can help achieve all of these.

The most difficult part of the process is finding a company that can work with your needs and identify areas of improvement. As document management experts in the New York Metro region since 1999, Premium Digital Office Solutions can help match you with the right printer for your needs.

Today’s multifunction printers are designed to work for you. They provide a built-in document management system that can be customized for your unique business needs. All documents that run through the machine (a fax, scan, print job, or copy) are stored on the network. Therefore, they are easily retrieved for editing and sharing which save an enormous amount of time.

In addition to improved document management, a new printer can offer significant savings on paper and ink. Premium Digital offers a print track and control function with every printer helping minimize wasteful printing processes such as duplicate printing. The function also offers a clear picture of where printing costs are coming from by tracking users, applications, and machines.

Energy savings are yet another reason to invest in a new printer this year. Multifunction printers cut down on energy costs by performing the work of many machines. Premium Digital offers a number of Energy Star-certified machines that use approximately half as much electricity with green features like automatic sleep modes.

Today’s printers also offer data security. Protecting sensitive information is more important than ever, and an MFP that requires password authentication ensures that information is kept secure. Plus, having fewer hard copies decreases the chance of a document ending up in the wrong hands. Premium Digital can also provide cloud computing services for secure digital storage.

Every year, our partners are coming up with innovative workflow solutions, sustainability initiatives, and software to help companies work smarter not harder. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your 2016 business goals.