Muratec Finishing System: PLS-2112F

Meet the future of custom label finishing!
PLS-2112F Labeling System
With the PLS-2112F, the only limit is your imagination.  In the past, organizations had to break the bank in order to produce die-cut labels; however, with the PLS-2112F, they can produce
exceptional labels that deliver a competitive advantage and higher value perception on the shelf. Give your packaging unique shapes, styles and sizes, increasing overall value and prestige in the consumer’s mind.
We will be hosting webinars in February to further educate dealers on the exciting opportunities that this powerful system will make available.  Keep watching for registration announcements.
Click here for complete media kit, including images and brochures

PLS-2212F Addition Specs-

  • Contour Cutting – Full HPGL Vector cutting compatible with SMARTMark opto-electrical line sensor
  • Average Speed – 10 feet/min
  • Web Width – 4-85″
  • Maximum Frame Width – 12″
  • Maximum Input Roll Diameter – 8″
  • Maximum Output Roll Diameter – 8″
  • Recommended Roll Length – 500 feet
  • Make-ready Waste – 4 feet
  • User Interface – Touchscreen
  • Cutter Management Tools – ASDI direct-cut

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