Muratec Labeling System: PLS-5150F

Meet the future of custom label finishing!
PLS-5150F Labeling System
With the PLS-5150F, the only limit is your imagination.  In the past, organizations had to break the bank in order to produce die-cut labels; however, with the PLS-5150F, they can produce
exceptional labels that deliver a competitive advantage and higher value perception on the shelf. By adding Muratec’s PLS-5150F digital finishing system, the label design possibilities seem almost endless.

PLS-5150F Specs-

  • Contour Cutting – Full HPGL Vector cutting compatible with SMARTMark opto-electrical line sensor
  • Average Speed – 30 feet/min
  • Web Width – 5-14″
  • Maximum Frame Width – 24″
  • Maximum Input Roll Diameter – 14″
  • Maximum Output Roll Diameter – 14″
  • Recommended Roll Length – 1,250 feet
  • Make-ready Waste – 10 feet
  • User Interface – Touchscreen
  • Test Cut Function – Standard
  • Cutter Management Tool – ADSI Direct-Cut

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