Let’s Drink to That! Promotional Drinkware by Premium Digital

It might seem like the middle of winter but believe it or not spring events are just around the corner.

For custom printed promotional products and other event staples like invitations, or marketing materials like brochures and business cards or signage for large events and trade shows, Premium Digital has you covered for 2018. Among some of our most popular custom printed promotional products are drinkware like mugs, coozies, and cups, for outdoor events, company giveaways, and more!

Why Cups?
One of the biggest reasons cups are a great choice for spring events is that they can add flair to outdoor events and serve both as drinkware  and as a party favor for future use. More importantly, this giveaway is an inexpensive way to to stay fresh in the minds of your potential clients. Especially good options for custom printed drinkware are acrylic tumblers, a party cup, or even can coolers for events where canned beverages will be served.

Cups are also an ideal option for promotional use because they are so practical. From thermoses to mugs to water bottles, cups and other drinkware are likely to be used and reused many times by consumers. 21% of consumers own branded drinkware and keep it around, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute, and that’s a lot of promotional power.

Which Cups?
Choosing the right drinkware is the key to making your customer’s promotion more effective, and asking a few simple questions is a great start to helping them navigate their choices.

Does your customer want to create a classic look, for example? A traditional mug is a great option for them, and mugs come in a variety of different styles. Whether they want to put a single-color design on a colorful mug or prefer full color designs like photographs, these mugs are a fun addition to events and also make ideal gifts or door prizes.

Is your customer planning an event? When they’re getting ready to raise a glass at casual events, promotional cups are easy to personalize with either their company logo or a nod to their event décor. The Party Cup is an ideal fit for a casual event because it looks like the well-known Solo cup, but the Acrylic Tumbler with Straw is also ideal options for serving beverages. Because all of these cups come with lids, they will keep drinks from spilling, too.

Is your customer looking for something for consumers on the go? Most drinkware with a lid will travel well, so they have a wide variety of different options to choose from including travel mugs, tumblers with matching lids, and water bottles. An especially good option is the new Husky tumbler, which will keep drinks hot or cold for hours.

Does your customer work with a particularly health-conscious clientele? Consider a water bottle! The Shake-It-Up Bottle is an ideal choice because it comes with an agitator ball to make it easy to mix in drink mixes, shakes, protein powder, and more.


For whatever your drinking preferences or custom printed drinkware needs, contact Premium Digital today!

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