How Internet Based Document Management Helps Small Businesses

How Internet based document management Helps Small Businesses

Ultimately every manager understands that document management is imperative to a streamlined operation. Internet based document management eliminates the need for complicated networks. Our internet document management CMS, Content Central, offers a complete browser-based document management software solution. This workflow engine allows routine business operations to be simplified as well as saving our customers both time and effort. This all-in-one internet based document management software program provides security, feasibility and best of all, access anywhere 24/7/365.

We offer a 100% browser-based software option that gives any workstation on any network to be connected to the document management CMS instantly. Remote connectivity is available only after the administrators allow the computer access. Documents are scanned using the Capture feature on our internet based document management CMS or can be scanned directly into the browser with DirectScan, which captures electronic files of any type whether drag and drop in, emailed or uploaded any other way.

Retrieval allows users to locate any document within seconds with an easy-to use search engine. Browse through the organized folders effortlessly and find files fast! Management is easy as users can approve, rejected, append, edit, approve, check-out or collaborate based on their specific permissions. Users can also receive instant email notifications based on various system events or changes made to files they uploaded with this internet based document management solution.

Specific workflow automation rules can be made which help simplify business processes. Administrators can configure approval processes to move documents according to various deadlines, events or schedules. Human resources, accounts payables, order processing and document imaging all can be incorporated into this internet based document management center.

Whether you’re a local Pine Brook, NJ business or located nationwide, our helpful and streamlined internet based document management solution can make your workplace more productive and organized. It allows multiple workstations to look at documents at once and makes finding old documents a fast process. The internet based document management CMS is easy to integrate with existing Microsoft Office applications too.

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