How Intellis Is Improving Healthcare Services with Sharp Technology

From transitioning to online learning to orchestrating global meetings from makeshift home offices, we have adjusted our practices to ensure optimal productivity. But what happens when our old routines, programs, and technology no longer align with our goals and hinder our progress? The answer is simple: Change.

Within the healthcare sector, robust, precise, and efficient documentation procedures are a must. Intellis, a consulting firm specializing in health information management, partners with hospitals and health systems to enhance their medical record documentation, coding, and auditing. Acknowledging the need for improvements, Intellis sought the assistance of Sharp.

Efficient Strategy for Expansion

Intellis experienced rapid growth and recognized the importance of delivering dependable information technology to its stakeholders. With a workforce of over 800 employees operating remotely from various locations, the company required a streamlined approach. As Intellis continued to expand its workforce and clientele, they engaged Sharp to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their HIPAA/HITECH compliance. The assessment revealed that Intellis’ existing IT vendor did not meet their performance requirements.

Innovative Technological Solutions

To address the needs of Intellis employees and enhance their work-from-home experience, Sharp implemented an advanced technology kit and ordering system. This solution streamlined the onboarding process and daily operations. The comprehensive package included high-quality Dynabook laptops, NEC desktop monitors, robust cybersecurity protection, Microsoft 365 licensing, and reliable help desk services. 

Additionally, a predetermined refresh cycle was established to identify outdated laptops and monitors, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and optimal performance. Intellis now benefits from a monitoring report that tracks the refresh cycle, enabling the company to stay informed about its equipment status. Sharp successfully provided Intellis with 360 Dynabook laptops and 350 NEC monitors, supporting their technological requirements.

Remarkable Achievements

With the assistance of Sharp, Intellis now enjoys enhanced confidence, knowing that their technology infrastructure is optimized for employee success. As a rapidly growing company entrusted with significant healthcare data, Intellis has gained the necessary tools to navigate their equipment, statuses, and processes in a safe, secure, and efficient manner. For further details, please refer to the complete case study available here, providing comprehensive insights into their transformative journey.

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