Engage with Branding During Quarantine

Since the advent of social distancing and quarantine measures, approaches to brand publicity and marketing have had to pivot significantly. Forms of traditional real-world advertising are a lot less effective when everyone is at home glued to their computers. Luckily for the savvy business owner, there are a number of diverse online opportunities out there to push your brand out to your audience in dynamic and engaging ways you can try!

Intelligent Email Campaigns

Every business owner has either engaged in or thought about an email campaign at some point. They are straightforward, infinitely customizable, and relatively cheap, but often are not utilized to their fullest potential. Take time during quarantine to revaluate any existing email campaigns you might be running, or consider a new one. What aspects of your business resonate with a “human” element? Inspirational stories or photos are great for getting your audience engaged beyond the subject line. Think about how you can embed rich and varied content to make your email campaigns more engaging than the crowd. Most importantly, what can people learn from you and your business? How can you teach them about your value to them? If you need an example, you can subscribe to the Premium Digital newsletter today on the right side of this page!

Useful Downloads and Assets

One of the best ways businesses can stay top of mind even now is by staying useful to their customers! Whatever niche you may serve or field you may work in, there are always opportunities to provide value for your customers and/or clients with useful digital assets and tools. Talk to your team and brainstorm: what can you provide that will make your customers digital lives easier? Whether it’s making software you offer temporarily free or discounted, posting useful information or entertaining content to social media, or developing and distributing informational content to help educate and inform idle readers, providing value for your audience outside of your normal services is an exceptional way to engage and endear potential and current customers to your business.

Update and Refine Your Iconography!

The importance of strong and consistent branding will always be crucial in establishing a successful, growing business in the internet age. Take some time at home to do some graphic design research! Call up a friend, sign up for an online class, or just do some googling. You’ll be surprised how many different (free!) tricks and tips you can learn to streamline and beautify your existing branding and iconography to make your business stand out, even with minimal technical know-how. In the optics dominated world of social media and Google, having a beautiful and informative logo can be the difference between getting a new customer and losing one.

Premium Digital is here to provide your business with high-quality documentation management, distribution, and printer/copier solutions. We are working safely from home for the duration of this crisis, but we are still ready to help you push through and keep succeeding despite the challenges of the day. Learn more about us at our Services page or contact us online today!

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