Content Control: Seamless and Integrated Control of Your Documents Through Your Web Browser

Content Control: Seamless and Integrated Control of Your Documents through Your Web Browser

Recently Content Control Document Management Software by Ademero Inc. was named as a top document management software product by a couple of well known business sites. Content Control has the ability to be one of the top workflow engines on the planet. Their seamless integration of key workflow systems combined with the security you’d expect from a document management system makes Ademero a leader in the Document Management Industry.

So why would you need a document management system?
So you can control your documents. Documents go through a life cycle. The better you can control the outcome of that life cycle, the better your business will run. Content Control offers quick and secure access to your most important documents. It also integrates workflow seamlessly between operating systems. Integration is important especially when you’re dealing with multiple streams of business. It is critical that you have the right access to the right documents at the right time. Content Control helps your business stay on top of its processes and ensures that your forms are processed accurately.

Why is Content Control better than other document management software?
Content Control works in your existing web browser and is very easy to use. Content Control has the capability of securing and managing sensitive and critical documents. It can be installed in your office or in the Cloud for flexibility and ease of use. You can edit, manage and store your documents for quick and secure access 24/7. Setting security permissions can be a hassle, but not with Content Control. Their security permission settings are easy to set to permit limited access to certain documents and folders in your system.

Document collaboration is a snap with Content Control.
No more missed communications or misrouting of important documentation, as Content Control software ensures that you get only the documents you requested. You can share and collaborate on forms, do an audit and find out its history and route documents with processing codes for quick identification.

Ease of use and the ability to secure critical documents easily is one of the top reasons why you need to try Content Control Document Management Software for yourself. Free demonstrations are available at