Common Copier Issues and Solutions

Many office staff know all too well about the frustration and chaos caused by copier machines and printers. Although they were built to make office life easier and more productive, issues with copiers do arise. Here are some common copier issues and their solutions.

Paper Jams

This is among the most common copier issue. The wrong paper size or badly loaded paper typically are the reasons why copiers produce paper jams. Improperly loaded paper causes the copier to pull through the wrong way and jam. If this happens, you must manually reload or realign the paper. Another factor that may seem odd is paper dust. Paper dust can clog the machine and lead to a paper jam. To prevent this issue, wipe the feed tires occasionally and vacuum any dust that has accumulated inside.

Wrinkled pages

Sometimes, the copier machine produces pages with wrinkles. No office worker wants to submit documents or reports with wrinkled pages. The usual culprit for wrinkled pages are worn out feed and exit rollers that cause sticking or jamming. Moisture caused by humidity, worn out paper trays and fuser assemblies can also lead to unwanted wrinkled pages. You can purchase paper tray replacements if they are not functioning properly. Contact a copier professional or technician for issues with feed rollers and fuser assembly.

Cartridge or toner issues

Toner and cartridge issues can affect any copier. A replacement should be an easy solution for low or empty toners. But if yours is malfunctioning, it may require a different fix. If you try to use an incompatible cartridge on your copier machine, your print quality will suffer.

Lines on paper

Streaks or lines on copies may stem from an object obstructing the scanner glass or mirror. There may be a problem with the drum cleaning blade, creating large lines vertically down the page. Additionally, it could also be an issue with fusers, which need to be replaced occasionally because of the constant wear within the printer. Dust particles get attached to  parts of the printer.

Copies too light or too dark

Usually this happens because of a density level imbalance. Adjusting the density setting to a high level makes the copies dark, whereas selecting a low density level results in a light copy. To resolve this problem, you can easily reset the density levels on your machine.

Dots on page

Random dots polluting copied pages may be due to smudges or debris on the copy mirror or glass. Cleaning off the glass and mirrors will get rid of any spots on your page. It may also be caused by a malfunctioning drum, which might need to be replaced.

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