Business Technology Trends for 2016


With innovation constantly in mind, business technology trends for 2016 look to incorporate a number of changes in print management services. From 3D printing to a range of digital office solutions, including cloud-based document management systems, the top technology trends of 2016 will start working their way forward and this is what we expect to see.

A New Digital Experience

While everyone sits at a computer to shop online, find jobs, and Google everything under the sun, many businesses are finding it more and more important to offer users a unique web-browsing experience, comparable to a physical in-store experience. These digital assets need to be so unique in 2016 that they simply stand out from the competition. Better designs, better browsing experiences, and more relevancy.

Focusing on Security

Small businesses certainly aren’t the only players on the Internet but nearly every business from bakeries to banks collects information about their users and in some cases even more sensitive personal and financial information like social security numbers and credit card data. Which also means that you can bet that most companies are going to be more on edge about security than ever before. Hackers are smarter, faster to adapt and can crack through top-level security systems with ease.

Cloud-Based Document Management

In addition to an increased reliance on Internet connectivity, businesses are also using the Internet to store, transfer, and sort more and more paper forms. This stands to benefit employers and employees as cloud-based document management systems have become increasingly prevalent. When you consider role of information in your organization, the documents that communicate that valuable data should be carefully managed and easily accessible. Most importantly, they should be protected by backups and recovery systems in case of a technological failure.

Simple & Secure Payment Systems

Simple and secure payment systems were trending in 2015 and we have no doubt that they’ll continue to trend in 2016. It’s common sense — the easier the payment process the more likely a user is to complete the process. Higher conversion rates = more sales. Tech giants like Apple, Google, and PayPal have all developed secure payment solutions of their own, which can only indicate that mobile payments will continue to grow.

3D Printing

The 3D printer is to the printing world as the original printing press was several hundred years ago. Now one simple sheet of paper is printed in hundreds of layers with increasing accuracy and affordability. Perhaps 2016 is the year of 3D printing turning mainstream.