5 Ways Preventative Maintenance Can Increase Your Copier’s Lifespan

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Your copier is a fundamental piece of equipment for your business, so preventing issues is key to maintaining workflow. You can extend the life of your machine and avoid repairs by following these tips:

Use Quality Toner and Paper

Using subpar materials for your office machinery is like putting cheap gasoline in a luxury car–it will only end up costing more money in the long run. For copy machines, use high-quality toner and paper to make sure the machine lasts as long as possible.

Most copy machine providers offer affordable toner as part of a service and supply agreement. That way, you can take advantage of the quality of your toner without breaking the bank.

Request Scheduled Cleaning

Many people don’t realize that streaks on copies, as well as faded and blotchy prints, can easily be fixed by simply cleaning the device. If you have an upcoming project with a large print volume, we suggest requesting a device cleaning from your copier repair provider beforehand or afterwards to help extend the life of your machine. In some situations where prints seem faded, it’s probably because the toner cartridge is old and needs replacement. However, when experiencing such printing problems, it’s always best to consult with a professional for help.

Load Paper Carefully

Be sure to load paper into the tray with care, so you can avoid annoying paper jams. If you loading the paper haphazardly, it often leaves gaps that will create excessive paper jams and interrupt your workflow. To prevent this interruption, make sure that the papers are placed in the tray neatly and snugged together; fanning them as necessary.

Only Contact Qualified Technicians

Always call a qualified technician when your copier breaks down. Many companies that provide service and supply agreements include free servicing of the equipment. If you have an agreement with your provider, always give them a call instead of third party technicians. You may save money this way.

Let the Copier Rest

To make your photocopier last longer, only keep it running when you’re using it. This is the same idea as a car; if you leave it on all day and night, it will break down more quickly than if you turn it off when you’re done with it.

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