5 Display Industry Trends in a Post-COVID Workplace

When COVID-19 hit last year, the display industry had to adapt in order to accommodate the changing workplace. There was an uptick in technological innovation and it doesn’t seem like it’s stopping any time soon. Here are 5 trends that display companies should keep in mind as they continue to develop new tech:


With more and more people working from home, companies have to ensure that their staff can access information from anywhere at any time. Businesses that were able to do this have shown the most success, especially when using mobile apps that allow users to share their content directly to certain displays.


Businesses should also make meeting rooms as easy to use as possible or it could affect a teams’ collaboration. They’ll need to provide good-quality cameras and audio for conference rooms like people have gotten accustomed to with their remote set up. 

AV vs. IT

We’re also beginning to see an overlap between AV and IT, and soon enough, IT people will need to have a grasp on AV (and vice versa) in order to be successful. The lines between technology are being blurred. Companies that provide full-stack solutions show better productivity. 


Companies also need to consider how to make a conference room more comfortable as we shift back to in-person work. You can try leveraging Internet of Things to collect data on comfort factors, and AI and sensor technology on displays to review temperature and humidity levels.


Some companies have also started switching to subscription-based models to acquire different devices and software. For the display industry, businesses that use the cloud show they’re more intune with their clients’ needs and the changing environment.

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