3 Easy Ways to Prevent Copier Issues

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Office equipment makes the business world go ’round. When something as vital as a printer or copier goes down, the office’s flow can get severely disrupted. On top of that, frequent issues can mean a great deal of money spent on maintenance and money lost in productivity. 

The tech experts at Premium Digital Office Solutions know that prevention is the best solution to issues with copiers and other office equipment. Keep reading to check out our top three tips for taking care of your copiers!

Make sure you have high-quality equipment. A frugal approach to office necessities can certainly be commendable when it comes to protecting the bottom line. However, going cheaper doesn’t necessarily save you money in the long run. If you’re getting a deal, make sure that it’s because you’re genuinely saving money and not because you are purchasing a shoddier product. Think of the lifetime value and productivity of your office equipment. Side note: sometimes, going for the functionally identical product from a more obscure company can backfire when you discover that replacing parts is nigh-impossible or that customer service is severely lacking.

Safeguard against user-error. What is the bane of every IT customer support department? The users. Even the seemingly most intuitive copiers may have unique quirks that aren’t immediately evident to the average user. Even if it seems basic, consider training your staff on the use of your copier and other important office equipment to help prevent completely avoidable maintenance issues. You may also want to consider posting signs and trouble-shooting instructions near the printer for extra clarity.

Get regular checkups. Industrial copiers, printers, and fax machines deserve professional attention! Just like a car or any other big-ticket piece of machinery, regular maintenance from a certified professional will do wonders for long-term productivity. Consider a customized service plan to make sure that your office equipment stays up and running at minimal cost.

We hope these tips saved you and your office some copier-related grief! For more information on our customized service plans, our selection of premier copiers, or the other products and services we provide, call (973) 439-1570 or contact Premier Digital Office Solutions online today!

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