US Realty Trust is a commercial real estate investment company.  The 15-20 employees of US Realty Trust help advise clients on what properties to buy or lease and the best timing to move forward with those transactions.

History with Premium Digital Office Solutions

US Realty trust has been a PDOS customer for approximately 10 years. Prior to developing this relationship with PDOS, US Realty Trust was with a different office equipment provider.  At first things were fine with this other provider; however, as time progressed it became apparent that US Realty Trust was paying too much for standard services and supplies.  So as the lease with this company was expiring, US Realty Trust began to look for other options.

Good Timing!

Coincidentally, John Giessuebel, VP of Sales for Premium Digital, was in his office making phone calls and US Realty Trust was on his list to call.  Yes! The first meeting between PDOS and US Realty Trust stemmed from a cold call.  Barbara, the Office Manager at US Realty trust did meet with other potential office equipment vendors who seemed too aggressive; however, she recalls John being “easy to talk to and pleasant on the phone.” John also was able to save US Realty approximately $4,000 on their monthly lease.

A Commitment to Service

Barbara noted: “I want a person that will be here and a company that is reliable. I want to feel comfortable. It’s about service, service, service.” She added “John will always say… It’s all about making you happy.”

Barbara and the staff at US Realty Trust now know the whole PDOS team, including Managing Partners Alan Schwartz and Van Seretis.  In fact, one day Barbara discovered a toner order was never placed and they were totally out of toner.”  She called PDOS immediately.  She says “Alan got in his car, drove from New Jersey into NYC, in the pouring rain, with a back injury, to personally deliver the toner to our office.  All I had to do was meet him downstairs and take it out of the car. That is service!”

US Realty Trust has renewed their lease and recently upgraded their office equipment!

An Expanding Relationship

Two years ago, under the direction of Managing Partner Gary Alessio, PDOS expanded its offerings to include 3 Print Divisions: Marketing Materials, Trade Show & Signage, and Promotional Products.  John brought Gary into NYC to introduce him to Barbara and the US Realty Trust team and have a conversation on how these new services could complement the ones that PDOS already offers to US Realty Trust.

When Covid-19 hit, US Realty Trust knew what to do:  they contacted John and Gary to help with signage.  Barbara showed Gary what she wanted and Premium Digital produced that signage along with facilitating a plexiglass order and delivery. 

Premium Digital Promise

Whether in Office Equipment, Marketing Solutions, Trader Show & Signage or Promotional Products, Premium Digital will work diligently each day to build a relationship of trust with their clients and deliver on their commitment to excellent service.