PBA stands for Police Benevolent Association, and it is the community engagement/charity arm of a Police Department. The Borough of Northvale is in Bergen County, NJ, and recently worked with Premium Digital Office Solutions on a number of initiatives.

The Northvale PBA has been a client of Premium Digital for 3 years.  The relationship began at the PBA mini-convention in Atlantic City, where members of the Northvale PBA met PDOS Managing Partner of Print and Marketing, Gary Alessio.

The Challenge

Each year, the PBA sends out a fundraising letter to the community.  Members of the PBA knew they were paying too much to create and mail the letter but did not quite know next steps.  They also wanted to see if they could increase their return from the appeal campaign.


The team at Premium Digital are experts in Marketing, Postage, Post Office Services, and all things mailing.

    • A redesign of the appeal letter made it more action-oriented, personable, and relevant to the Northvale community
    • Completion of not-profit paperwork for the post office that allowed the PBA to mail at not profit rates, allowing for a significant postage savings
    • Tremendous efficiency in printing, personalization, addressing, inserting, and mailing of letter. A smooth and streamlined process which saved time.

Big Takeaway: The result was a decrease in expenditures and an increase in revenue for the PBA, allowing them to contribute more significantly and offer more charitable programs for their community.

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